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The highest mountains of Ukraine(short variant).

This route takes us to the highest summit of Ukraine along with visiting others places of interest. The route takes 9 days. Average time for everyday walking is 5h.

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DAY 1: Arrival to L,viv, sightseeing, overnight.

DAY 2: Train/coach to Yaremcha(550m), distance 180km, overnight.
DAY 3: After breakfast a climb to the summit Yavornic(1467m), having lunch on the way. Ascent takes 4.5h, descent 2.5h. The route is very picturesque in any season. The track leads us trough different types of woods which change with picking height. A great illustration of changing the geographical belts in the mountains, in this particular place from leaf-tree woods to alpine pine-tree bushes and bare rocks covered with moss. The top uncovers a wonderful view over Yaremcha and mountain ranges, low ridges remind petrified waves, since woods have dark blue & green colours, and higher ridges stand as rocky islands in the stormy sea. On the way back we choose another path. The rest of the day is devoted to exploring the town. It boasts unique wooden architecture and an attractive souvenir market, where are available a vast pool of hand-made things composed from wood and other materials. Overnight. BACK TO THE TOP
DAY 4 : Transfer to Rakhov(400m) by train/coach, along the very fascinating road trough the Main Carpathians Range(50km). Rakhov is a small town on the other side of the Carpathians, which lies on the river Tissa, the biggest tributary of Danube. The way leads us on the southern spur of the Svidovets massif, the second highest massif in the Ukrainian Carpathians. The mountains look quite different from those near Yaremcha. A beach tree forest predominate over a fir-tree forest. We meet more open places covered with grass which is called "polonina" by locals. The top part of the ridge is opened and covered by grass. From the ridge we can observe many mountain massifs, including the Transilvanian Alps in Romania and the Chernogora range, the highest in the Ukrainian Carpathians. This day we finish in the Perelesok lodge(1200m). Overnight. (5h walking). BACK TO THE TOP
DAY 5: The lodge Prelesok is situated very convenient, in fact it stays exactly on the southern spur of the Svidovets massif. It means we do not have to lose and gain height, instead of it just walking gradually up. The path goes trough alpine meadows to the summit Bliznitsa(1880m), which is the highest in the whole massif. The north-eastern slope consist of very picturesque rocks. The unique, endemic plant & animals dwell in these rock formations. From the top we can sea the most part the Ukrainian Carpathians and the Transilvanian Alps. The horizon is blocked by steep ranges of the Gorgany massif, the east horizon is completely filled by the Chernogora range, with the most attractive and conspicuous summits Petros(2020m) & Hoverla(2061m). The range lies just across a deep valley of the Tissa river. Small lakes are observed a little below our path. Their origin is traced back to the glacial epoch. They were formed on the places of ancient glaciers. Passing the summit we keep on going to the north direction, loosing altitude and eventually we reach the Dragobrat chalet(130-0m). The ski lifts around working up till the late May, therefore they are the latest closed in the region. Overnight. (5h walking). BACK TO THE TOP
DAY 6: Our last day in the Svidovets massif. We descend to the small town Yasinya, which conveniently lies between two of the highest massifs: the Chernogora & Svidovets. The town offers many tourist facilities hotels, skilifts etc. We pass the town either on foot or by coach/train, since in spite of the small population it is rather long. At the village Lazeshchina we leave the valley of Tissa and walk along a stream with the same name as the village. Walking trough a beautiful fir-tree forest and passing a small First World War cemetery we come eventually to the lodge Kozmeshchik(900m). It stands very close to the beautiful summits: Hoverla & Petros. Overnight. (5h walking). BACK TO THE TOP
DAY 7: This day is devoted to an ascend on the mount Hoverla, which is the highest in Ukraine. The path goes trough the fir-tree forest, then we go higher the natural border of forest and face bush covered terrain which gradually transforms to alpine meadow. Finally we get the top which unfolds the terrific panorama. Now our way is down to the north. Our path passes by the sources of the river Prut(900km), we can see small but very beautiful waterfalls. All surroundings are protected by the Carpathian national park. Finally we reach the hotel Zaroslyak(1200m),which stands in a glade and the forest encircles it. Overnight. (6h walking). BACK TO THE TOP
DAY 8: Transfer to L,viv. Sightseeing & shopping. BACK TO THE TOP
DAY 9: Flight back.

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