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Minor Gorgan range

DAY 1: Transfer by car , bus or train to Mikulichin(70km south from Iv-Fr) Ascent to the summit Yvirnik(1465m), travers the same range till the pass Pereslop.Overnight. (7h walking).

DAY 2: ascent on the mountain Sinacka(1401m),travers the range Podsmerechek,descend to the village Zelena(7h walking). Overnight .

DAY 3: ascent on the range Chortka(1260m)and traverse it ,descent to the village Porogi. (7h walking) .Overnight.

DAY 4: Ascent and traverse the raqnge Bukovets , descent to the village Yasen. (6h walking) .Overnight.

DAY 5: departure .

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