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Angarskiy pass- Chatirdag plateau-Red cave -Demerdzi plateau

1 day : Meeting group in Simfereropol, transfer to Angarskij pass- ascent on High Chatirdag plateau –hiking to the summit Eklizi Burun 1527m- descent to the Low Chatirdag plateu duration 5-7 h

2 day: Continuing hiking along Low Chatirdag plateu – Mramornaya cave (possible attendance of the cave for the special fee )- descent to the village Perevlnoe –Red cave(possible attendance of the cave for the special fee ) duration 4-6 h

3 day: Ascent to Dolgorukov plateau- Tirkre plateau duration 5-7 h

4 day: Continuing hiking along Tirkre plateau- Demerdzi plateau-ascent on the mountain Norhten Demerdzi 1356m- camping site Dzurla duration 5-7 h

5 day: Ascent on Southern Demerdzi 1239ě –descent to Luchistoe trough the ghosts value duration 4-6 h


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