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Slovenska verzia

The Assent on the Elbrus volcano(5 642m) and trekking in the neighbouring area.

In order to climb the Elbrus mountain the acclimatization to the high altitude should be undergone.
Instead of going back and fro on the Elbrus slopes to get acclimatized this route includes hiking and some picks assents in the neighbouring Elbrus valleys . Those are Adil-su and Adir-su valleys.

1 day: arrival from the airport /railway station Mineralnije Vodi or Nalchik to the settlement Elbrus. Hiking to the camp Dzhantugan(2200m), overnight (2h hike )

2 day : radial assent on the summit Kurumchi(4050m) , can be very difficult physically , but very useful for acclimatization, technically 1b(only ice axe required), overnight (10-14h)
2a variant in case of physical problems coming as far as be reached toward Kurumchi and return.

3 day: hike to the place called Zelenaja gostinica used as a base camp by many climbers, resting there ,(2-3h ), overnight

4 day: radial assent on the summit Gumachi (3900m), if necessary some basic training on ice and snow slopes, crampons, harnesses and axes re required . 1b category. (10-14 h )

5 day: hiking to the foot of the Kajuvgan pass (3500m), overnight (4-6 h)

6 day: hiking trough the Kajuvgan pass and descending to the Adirsu valley crampons and axes required, overnight in the climbing camp (8-10h)

7 day: hiking to the foot of the Tjutu-Bashi massif, the place is around 3500m so it is very useful for acclimatization (5-6h), overnight

8 day: radial assent on the summit Tjutu-Bashi western (4400m), 1b category crampons, harnesses and axes required (8-10h) ,overnight

9 day: descent to the Adirsu camp (3-4h) , overnight

10 day: Hiking down the Adirsu valley to the settlement Verhnij Baksan (2-4h), transfer to Terskol, overnight

11 day : A variant taking a cable road and then hike to the spot where Prijut 11 hut used to be (1-2h hike ) ,overnight
B variant hiking all the way to Prijut 11(10-11h), could be started on day 10

12 day : Radial assent on the Elbrus(5 642m) , (8-14h), overnight at the same place.

13 day: Reserved day for the assent on Elbrus

14 day: Desending to Terskol , departure


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