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DAY 1: Arrival to L,viv, sightseeing, overnight. or Kiev then the train for Ivano-Frankivsk should be taken 16.30 dep., arr. 8.00.

2d class 7$ 1d class 10$

DAY 2: Train/coach to Yaremcha(550m), distance 180km, overnight. or 60 km from Ivano-Frankivsk.

DAY 3: After breakfast a climb to the summit Yavornic(1467m), having lunch on the way. Ascent takes 4.5h, descent 2.5h. The rest of the day is devoted to exploring the town. It boasts unique wooden architecture and an attractive souvenir market, where are available a vast pool of hand-made things composed from wood and other materials. Overnight.

DAY 4: Transfer by bus or van to the foot of Khomyak mountain (25km). Ascend to the summit Khomyak(1544m), which has very right geometrical form (cone). Return back to Yaremcha or staying in the small hotel near Khomyak. Overnight. (6h walking).

DAY 5: This day is devoted to an ascend on the mount Hoverla, which is the highest in Ukraine. Transfer by bus or van to the foot of Hoverla mountain (45km). Checking in to the hotel/sport base Zaroslyak(1200m),which stands in a glade and the Overnight. (5h walking).

DAY 6: possible one more day in the area with the hike to the lake Nesamovite (1700m) Overnight. (6h walking).

DAY 7: transfer to Ivano-Frankivsk(90km) , train to Kiev/Lviv or one more day hiking. Transfer to the village Manyava(70km) . Near the village is situated a small beautiful monastery, surrounded by woods. Ascend on the range Chortka(1266m) Overnight. (5h walking).
DAY 8: transfer to Ivano-Frankivsk(90km) , train to Kiev/Lviv, if day 7 was used for hiking.
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